Why not for profit carbon offsets are thriving

The CEO of Greenfleet Australia told me the other day that business is booming for small scale, not-for-profit carbon offset providers. How could that be? Without the carbon tax there's no regulations driving greenhouse gas emitters to purchase carbon credits. The new Emissions Reduction Fund will effectively bypass forestry projects. So how can businesses like Greenfleet be doing well? Last year the big for-profit forestry based carbon credit providers left the sector or put investments on hold in anticipation of the carbon tax being abolished. Their business model relied on large scale demand driven by regulations that put limits on greenhouse gas emissions. The government’s Emissions Redu

What Victorian MPs say about health care funding

Last month I wrote to Victorian MPs on behalf of the Victorian Medicare Action Group to ask their views on the federal government’s proposed $7 GP co-payment and their decision to renege on an agreement to increase federal funding for state run public hospitals from 2017. The most startling response came from Health Minister David Davis, on behalf of the Victorian Coalition. He's clearly annoyed that we’ve drawn attention to federal issues, accusing VMAG of being a union front and the Labor leadership of being 'treacherous'. These are important state issues because the GP co-payment would likely result in people avoiding going to the doctor and ending up in hospital emergency departments. Wi

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