New low standard of government

Comments by the Honourable Tony Fitzgerald AC QC about the state of government in Queensland have prompted strong public support in the lead up to the state election on 31 January. Fitzgerald warned that the current standard of governance in Queensland is on a slippery slope towards corruption and abuse of power. Although he said he wasn't saying its as bad as the Bjelke Petersen days of open corruption and pandering to special interests, he said the same sort of practices are starting to take hold. And he said the Newman government had set a new low standard. In response The Australia Institute started a petition calling on Queensland policital parties to sign up to a set of accountablity p

7 top trends for 2015

Our top trends reflect the work we do scanning the political and business landscape for our clients. 1. Business + biodiverity takes off A raft of international business and biodiversity commitments were made in 2014. Helping to halt the decline of our natural environment is becoming a mainstream part of doing business. And it takes many forms. In Australia in 2015 we’ll see progress in getting the settings right for private investment in conservation and more resilient landscapes. Reviews of state biodiversity regulations should create new opportunities for private finance in biodiversity markets. And we should see more research on the value of services provided by nature (natural capital)

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