Making conservation pay

A roundtable on ‘Investing in biodiversity’ in Melbourne last week was told that leading banks and investors actively support finance for conservation. But rolling changes to state environment laws have created uncertainty which isn’t good for investors. The event brought together business, government and NGOs with the aim of galvanising investment in conservation in Australia according to the roundtable organiser Amanda Cornwall. Governments provide the main driver of financial incentives for conservation through regulations protecting native vegetation and threatened species. By requiring developers to offset unavoidable impacts on biodiversity the laws create an incentive for landholders

Top 5 biodiversity protection trends

Carbon and Environment Daily asked Amanda about the big trends in conservation and biodiversity laws in last year and what's ot come in 2015. Here's her top five trends. 1. Streamlining multiple environmental offsets policies and approval processes 2. A more proportinate, risk based approach to 'like for like' requirements for offsets 3. More states setting up biodiversity credit registers and improvements in NSW and Victoria 4. A strategic, landscape scale approach to using offsets 5. The growth of biodiversity offset funds Read full story

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