Doing it her way

The tough times in business can be a catalyst for bold decisions says Hilary Dixon, founder of the highly successful recruitment firm Dixon Appointments. Hilary decided to start her own business when she found herself out of a job because her boss went broke. ‘If I was going to be mucked around I decided it would be me who was doing the mucking around, not someone else’ Hilary told a recent Women’s Table lunch. Dixon Appointments grew steadily into a $120m business through strategic partnerships and collaborations. ‘A third of my work was through government and then they decided to change the rules to effectively favour international companies.’ She couldn’t compete but when a big company of

Turning purpose to profit

Thousands of people in Melbourne have made their homes and businesses more comfortable and energy efficient with the help of one. Charities across Victoria receive 25,000 free, nutritious meals each week using surplus food thanks to another. These clever businesses make it look easy but turning a not-for-profit into a thriving business presents some unique challenges. ‘Three years ago we decided to set up a business providing practical advice and great deals on sustainable energy for households, businesses and organisations,’ says Paul Murfitt, CEO of Moreland Energy Foundation. ‘We’d been operating since 2000 as a not-for-profit to advocate for local action to reduce greenhouse gas emission

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