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Amanda Cornwall, facilitator, stratgy
About Amanda

A Churchill Fellow with post graduate qualifications in law, public policy and board governance.

I bring many years of experience in the helath care sector, consumer advocacy, environment protection and climate change.  


As a consultant in recent years I've:

Current roles:


I'm on the boards of Circus Nexus and Moreland Affordable Housing Ltd.  


I've lived and worked across Australia, southern Africa and Indonesia.

I started my career as a political adviser and a commercial lawyer. I then moved into public interest advocacy for 10 years. After that I held senior management roles in government from 2004 to 2016.


Positions I've held include:

  • Director and principal adviser, Department of Sustainability and Environment and Department of Health and Human Services Victoria

  • Manager, Health Care Complaints Commission, NSW

  • Head, consumer rights policy, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, NSW

  • Solicitor, Mallesons Stephen Jaques, Victoria.

I've been a member of government and not for profit boards for over 20 years. They include Wimmera Catchment Managment Authority and Nurses Registration Board.


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