Strategic reviews


I'll review the performance of your programs and services to make sure you're getting the outcomes you want. 


With my expertise in good governance, modern regulation and the persuasive power of evidence I'll give you insights that excite. And because I work collaboratively with my clients you'll get results.

Aligning expectations of regulators

Amanda developed a regulator performance strategy for the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria so it's executives could understand the performance of the 14 portfolio regulators and drive improvements.

Amanda worked with the regulators to build a picture of how they operated and reported on performance. She defined the characteristics of a 'better practice regulator' and talked with the managers of each regulator about how to measure whether they're achieving them.


The new way of thinking prompted some quick opportunities to make the regulators' task easier. 

She developed a framework for annual reporting to the department's executive board on how the regulators where performing against the 'better practice' standard. Read more here 

Amanda provided WWF-Australia with insights into the Australian government's $200m Reef Rescue program. The program had given grants to farmers to change their practices to reduce pollution to the Great Barrier Reef but things weren't improving.


She analysed ways to better link the grants to actions by farmers that would reduce pollution to the reef. She interviewed regional catchment management authorities, industry groups, leading reef scientists and government officials as part of her research.


Amanda's report gave her client highly valued insights to inform their policy and campaign strategy in the lead up to a federal election.


Read Amanda's commentary on reef funding programs here and her article for Inside Story here.  

Amanda provided advice to Good on You on the efficacy of ethical labour and environment certification schemes in the fashion industry.


Good on You provide an app to enable Australian shoppers to choose their clothing and footwear purchases wisely. They rely on international and Australian certification schemes to rate fashion brands. So they need to know which ones are robust.

Read about the schemes here and a copy of Amanda's report here.