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Understanding context and impact 

Amanda is an engaging and skilled facilitator. 

She's a clear and persuasive communicator who enjoys promoting new organisations and ideas.


Contact her about how she can help you achieve break through results through tailored conversations.

Strategic review workshops

She faciltiates strategic planning workshops for staff and board members to understand what they are doing now, the impact they're making and where they want to go next.


She structures conversations around the organisation's many customers and their needs, revenue streams and partnerships.

She provides evidence about the context her clients are operating in and what the future holds. 

She challenges participants to think differently and be bold in their ambitions.  And she manages the room so everyone is heard.

Amanda developed an ambitious new strategy for a not-for-profit service provider in the aged care sector. She worked with staff and the board to develop a shared story of success in the face of major external changes.

Demand for the client's services had doubled in two years, driven by changes in government policy and community attitudes. They needed more funding and they needed it fast.

We decided they needed to take a bold new direction in response to those changes. Simply increasing their funding wasn't enough.

The client had been operating in crisis mode, which made it hard to be open change. 


We met with everyone in the organisation so they felt part of our review. We had meetings with senior staff, attended a staff meeting, met the chair of the board and CEO.

We interviewed key stakeholders and researched the changes in their external environment. We invested time understanding how our client did things and the impact our client had for its clients, the community and public policy. 

We presented the results of our research and our proposed strategic directions at a strategic planning workshop.

Our strategy positioned our client as bigger, bolder and having a greater impact. They would remain the leader of other services in the sector, not just a leading service provider.

Key elements of the strategy were to formalise partnership arrangements and to invest in new technology to improve efficiency. And we identified viable funding opportunities for each new strategic direction.

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