Not-for-profits CEO forums 

A unique peer led professional development opportunity for CEOs of not-for-profits. The forums provide: 

  • a place for CEOs to reflect on their practice as a CEO

  • a way to learn from others and share their own wisdom

  • a safe environment to discuss the challenges and triumphs

  • confidential conversations that share constructive insights.

Each forum is made up of 12 people. They meet five times a year in Melbourne, over a light breakfast from 8:00am to 11:00am.

Amanda facilitates the forum gatherings and carefully selects the members of each group to ensure they're well matched. 

CEO forums are highly valued in the for profit and government sectors. The third sector should have it too.


CEOs know there are things they just can't share with their senior team or board. And they're curious about what other CEOs think about their role.


Amanda facilitates the gatherings with a program of group members sharing triumphs, presentations and discussion on topics chosen by the group and time to trouble shoot current problems. 


Members join by annual subscription. Subscriptions for the first group in 2020 close on 1 March 2020.


Email Amanda about joining a not-for-profit CEO forum today.