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CEO leadership

Where CEOs collaborate in a trusted environment

We all know being a CEO can be isolating. There are issues you just can't discuss with your senior team or board. Our CEO forums meet that need by providing a place for CEOs to connect with their peers and be inspired.


The forums are a unique opportunity for CEOs of not-for-profits in Victoria. They provide: 

  • a place for CEOs to reflect on their practice as a CEO

  • a way for CEOs to learn from others and share their own wisdom

  • a safe environment to discuss the challenges and triumphs of the role

  • confidential conversations that share constructive insights

  • opportunities to exchange information and intelligence from the sector

  • expertise from industry guest speakers with insights to share

Each forum is made up of 10-12 CEOs who commit to attending five sessions throughout the year. Amanda carefully selects the members of each group to ensure they're well matched. 


Amanda facilitates the sessions to create a collaborative and trusting environment. 

The program is:

  1. All participants share recent ‘wins, highlights and learnings’ as a leader (45 mins)

  2. Discussion on topics chosen by the group with guest speaker or presentation by a member of the group (1.5 hours)

  3. Challenges - two or three members bring a current challenge to the table (45 mins)


Our CEO forum is modelled on the highly successful CEO forums run by her colleague Roger West in Sydney since 2005. He says his members ' great value from the sessions, particularly as trust, familiarity and confidence in each other is built. The mutual support goes beyond the formal sessions with members continuing to collaborate and share ideas and resources.'

CEO forums are highly valued in the for profit and government sectors. The third sector should have them too.


Not-for-profit CEOs often don't make their own professional development a priority. It's time to change that. If you're a CEO subscribe today.


The annual subscription fee is $2,250 (GST excl) per person.

Email Amanda at


Subscriptions for 2022 will open in July.

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