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It's time to plan for your professional development in 2020

With our summer of rolling climate emergencies it’s been hard to think about plans and ambitions for 2020. But as the year rolls on its time to make plans.

This year I’m starting CEO forums for CEOs of medium size not-for-profits in Victoria to connect with their peers and be inspired to be their best.

Each forum is made up of 12 people who commit to attending five half day sessions a year. I make sure the members of each group are well matched.

The forums fill a gap in the not-for-profit sector in Victoria. Being a CEO can be isolating and there are issues a CEO just can't discuss with your senior team or board.

Not for profit CEOs often don't make their own professional development a priority. Some have mentors and attend professional development courses. The CEO forums are a unique in providing a collaborative and trusted environment to share knowledge and trouble shoot.

Why am I running the CEO forums?

Partly because my colleague and mentor Roger West in Sydney encouraged me to do it. He’s been running CEO forums for the community sector in NSW since 2005. He says his members report great value from the sessions, particularly as they build trust, familiarity and confidence in each other.

I’m also doing it because I enjoy bringing people together through groups and events, and last year I realised I haven’t been doing enough of that recently. So, part of my new year resolution was to start doing more work facilitating group discussions.

Other things I enjoy doing and I’m good at that I’ve resolved to do more of in 2020 are:

  • strategic reviews and governance advice for organisations

  • board performance reviews for statutory authorities and not for profits

  • get myself appointed to some boards in the health, environment and social housing sectors.

I’m also planning to visit family and friends in the USA again because my trip in 2019 was fun and inspiring.

And finally, I’ll keep up my own professional development. As a consultant I have to do more than most to keep up to date and find ways to collaborate, like being part of the map consulting group.

What are your professional development plans for 2020?

Send me an email today to register for CEO forum. Registrations close 9 March 2020.

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